Ranches for boys & girls

Find a ranch for your teen. Help them learn valuable life skills and make memories of a lifetime! Most ranches are centered around animals. Adolesence youth learn how to care for and treat ranch animals with respect. The chores around the ranch are designed to be physically challanging. Teens learn how to work as a group and help each other out. There is also a lot of opportunity for teens to grow emotionaly and socially. Daily activities provide a base for students to build from. The wide open sky, the rewarding work, good friends and caring counselors make Ranches one of the most effective ways to help at risk teens.

Daily Chores include watering and feeding animals, collecting eggs, planting trees, harvesting crops, shoveling manure, and fixing fences. Chores are rarely done alone. Instead they are used to teach cooperation and team work. In the ranch environment most teens learn quickly that selfish and destructive behavior hurts everyone around them. Students that have been working the Ranch feel important as they know a valuable set of skills, the animals names, and where the resources are.

Ranches are co-ed as well as all-boy and all-girl. If your child struggles with interacting with the other sex a co-ed setting might be benifitial. You might notice them aurguing or fighting constantly with female figures but don't have a probem with males in their life (or vis versa). On the other hand all-boy or all-girl have other advantages. Taking chances and making mistakes is far less humilating if there aren't a group of the opposite gender watching.


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Finished weeding a field